The Batman - DC FanDome Teaser

22. aug.. 2020
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Robert Pattinson is #TheBatman.
From Warner Bros. Pictures comes “The Batman,” with director Matt Reeves (the “Planet of the Apes” films) at the helm and with Robert Pattinson (“Tenet,” “The Lighthouse,” “Good Time”) starring as Gotham City’s vigilante detective, Batman, and billionaire Bruce Wayne.
Also in the star-studded ensemble as Gotham’s famous and infamous cast of characters are Zoë Kravitz (“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” “Mad Max: Fury Road”) as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano (“Love & Mercy,” “12 Years a Slave”) as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright (the “Hunger Games” films) as the GCPD’s James Gordon; John Turturro (the “Transformers” films) as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard (“The Magnificent Seven,” “Black Mass”) as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Barry Keoghan (“Dunkirk”) as Officer Stanley Merkel; Jayme Lawson (“Farewell Amor”) as mayoral candidate Bella Reál; with Andy Serkis (the “Planet of the Apes” films, “Black Panther”) as Alfred; and Colin Farrell (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “Dumbo”) as Oswald Cobblepot.
“The Batman” was written by Matt Reeves & Peter Craig. Reeves and Dylan Clark (the “Planet of the Apes” films) are producing the film, with Simon Emanuel, Michael E. Uslan, Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong Vo serving as executive producers. Reeves’ behind-the-scenes creative team includes Oscar-nominated director of photography Greig Fraser (“Lion,” upcoming “Dune”); his “Planet of the Apes” production designer, James Chinlund; editors William Hoy (the “Planet of the Apes” films) and Tyler Nelson (“Rememory”); Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Dan Lemmon (“The Jungle Book”); Oscar-nominated SFX supervisor Dominic Tuohy (“1917,” “Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker”); Oscar-nominated sound mixer Stuart Wilson (“1917,” the “Star Wars” franchise); Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran (“1917,” “Little Women,” “Anna Karenina”) and costume designers Glyn Dillon (the “Star Wars” franchise) and David Crossman (“1917,” the “Star Wars” franchise); hair designer Zoe Tahir (upcoming “No Time to Die,” “Spectre”); and Oscar-nominated makeup designer Naomi Donne (“1917”).
Based on characters from DC. Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. “The Batman” is set to open in theaters October 1, 2021 in select 3D and 2D and IMAX theaters and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

  • Yeah this looks sick and all but Christian Bale will always be Batman

    dave _dave _19 minutter siden
  • Do you believe the rumor that a stuntman caught Covid and production has been further delayed?

    Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah24 minutter siden
  • Now I've got no one to live for so plss be release fast

    Neil WaghelaNeil Waghela33 minutter siden
  • Im from the year 2021

    Yukizami SupersonicYukizami Supersonic4 timer siden
  • Why is the trailer so addictive?

    Ninja FlamestoneNinja Flamestone5 timer siden
  • imagine hearing this song and seeing the title card in theaters with the all the bass. Insta-chills

    Clayton HollingsheadClayton Hollingshead5 timer siden
  • Batman

    Mekhi Dat ShinobiMekhi Dat Shinobi5 timer siden
  • Watch way too many times. Can't wait for the movie!

    Aleksandre KazarianiAleksandre Kazariani7 timer siden
  • This trailer is so addictive

    Fatal Storm FuryFatal Storm Fury7 timer siden
  • The thumbnail changed

    Faizaan NoorFaizaan Noor11 timer siden
  • Let's be honest this wasn't in your recommendation. You searched for it

    The GOATThe GOAT11 timer siden
  • The score by Michael Giacchino is incredible. The haunting piano throughout, and then the climax at 1:56 is perfect. The music in this movie is going to be so good.

    riseofazraelriseofazrael13 timer siden
  • You go Pattinson! ❤️

    Sjörmer ÐanðiþovSjörmer Ðanðiþov16 timer siden
  • Where are all those haters?': Robert Pattinson as The Batman

    Ali RezaAli Reza16 timer siden
  • 1:46 This Frame, Just this epic frame alone is why I know I'll love this new batman. It's so cool when he says the iconic "I'm Vengeance". Imagine being a huge batman fan in the 70s and watching this moment, how unbelievably awesome that would be.

    Dutch Plan Der LindeDutch Plan Der Linde17 timer siden
  • The fact we all keep coming back to this trailer is the best thing ever

    J JJ J21 time siden
  • The vampire finally turns into a bat.

    Mr WebosMr Webos23 timer siden

    Keshav sharmaKeshav sharma23 timer siden
  • I guess the release date is now ?0??

    RubinRubinDag siden
  • This will be one of the best Batman movies ever! Robert is gonna prove to everyone who hated & doubted him wrong.

    Richard BRichard BDag siden
  • This was already 6 months ago

    AllenAllenDag siden
  • I still can’t get over Batman beating the crap out of that guy it’s my favorite part of the trailer

    Tyrese PittsTyrese PittsDag siden
  • I'm 15 and by the time this comes out il probably gonna be 30. Thanks covid

    GibbleGibbleDag siden
  • As good as this trailer looks, I have the most fun and laughs seeing people's reaction videos. This is especially true of those who went into it either hating on, or doubting Robert's ability to pull it off, all because of a role he had in a certain *other* franchise which shall not be named, as a 21 year old kid. "Vengeance" is already his. Eat it, fuckers, LOL.

    LilSweetLinLilSweetLinDag siden
    • Batfleck and Battinson = GOAT

  • Dc movies have become a fucking platitude from all the garbage they put out.

    lllWARCHILDllllllWARCHILDlllDag siden
  • *Justice, not Vengeance*

    CrishezCrishezDag siden
  • He's already better than Batfleck tbh lol

    TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!Dag siden
    • @TheAmazingBLYATman96!!! Yeah, he had a good voice in Begins but then it just started going downhill with him sounding like an untreated throat cancer patient in TDKR.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah39 minutter siden
    • @Abhinav Baruah personally for me, the Batflecks suit design and robotic voice doesn't do it for me ☹️. I guess that's how some people feel about Baleman's sore throat 🤣

      TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!8 timer siden
    • @TheAmazingBLYATman96!!! Robbat Battinbat number one on my list. To each their own though.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah9 timer siden
    • @Abhinav Baruah sorry lol, I preferred Baleman. To each their own lol

      TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!TheAmazingBLYATman96!!!13 timer siden
    • Batfleck was better than Bale, Battinbat is batter than Affleck.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah14 timer siden
  • 2021 more like 2022

    OceanOceanDag siden
  • Batman Fans let's make some noice!

    Ankit SinghAnkit SinghDag siden
  • dont mind me just here to see the trailer for the 100000th time

    parsa dolatparsa dolatDag siden
  • The time will get much more close than we thought to beat Marvel If DC succeeds again like Joker.

    ReddishReddishDag siden
  • Never gets old. Interesting though, the more I watched it, the faster it got for me every time. Anybody know this strange mental phenomenon? Lol.

    Preston RollerPreston RollerDag siden
  • I don't get it. batman's motives are more than vengeance. if anything, he should say justice.

    VexCraftsVexCraftsDag siden
    • I think he’s still developing as a character

      Uncle JeffreyUncle JeffreyDag siden
    • No es así al principio

      bruno fernandezbruno fernandezDag siden

    Thanos SkThanos SkDag siden
  • Batman doesn’t kill. He just gives them brain damage and leaves them paralyzed. 1:36

    Bret RohlfBret RohlfDag siden
  • And remember this is only a teaser ‼️‼️

    Tymez RespersTymez RespersDag siden
  • still earworming

    suhariman pubgsuhariman pubgDag siden
  • This trailer was better than the whole MCU imo

    Raul MenendezRaul Menendez2 dager siden
    • Facts

      *funny name*funny nameDag siden
  • Warner Bros. I want another Scooby Doo sequel in Live Action, please.

    CrismenCM5 OfficialCrismenCM5 Official2 dager siden
  • Warner Bros. I want another Scooby Doo sequel in Live Action, please. Report those who agree.

    CrismenCM5 OfficialCrismenCM5 Official2 dager siden
  • Warner Bros. I want another Scooby Doo sequel in Live Action, please. Report those who agree.

    CrismenCM5 OfficialCrismenCM5 Official2 dager siden
  • Yo he beat the breaks off dat one guy doe😭😭

    Simon PhillipsSimon Phillips2 dager siden
  • What if it comes out in 3031

    Hamza MalikHamza Malik2 dager siden
    • 2022

      Goober EggGoober EggDag siden
    • ?0??

      Ms ArmanMs Arman2 dager siden
  • I wonder why DC execs didnt fire the director bc it was too dark and not like marvel. Guess they just have it out for snyder?

    Nabeel TariqueNabeel Tarique2 dager siden
  • This is my favorite trailer of all time

    mannymanny2 dager siden
    • @BlackCount1 the music made it 80 times better

      mannymanny2 dager siden
    • @manny and the music! The fucking music... crazy!

      BlackCount1BlackCount12 dager siden
    • @BlackCount1 fr I love this

      mannymanny2 dager siden
    • Also the fact that they only shot 25%o of the movie when this trailer was released is mind-blowing.

      BlackCount1BlackCount12 dager siden
  • I want this movie, not Snydercut

    Bar Ossos CruzadosBar Ossos Cruzados2 dager siden
    • I want this and the Snyder Cut

    • too bad

      Omar DawsonOmar DawsonDag siden
  • Mine 300 times 🤗

    ShoaibShoaib2 dager siden
  • Dislikers : Who the hell you supposed to be? Batman : deshh dussh deshh....I'm Vengeance

    T M GT M G2 dager siden
  • I made the mistake of watching this on my phone before watching it on my TV

    Han SoloHan Solo2 dager siden
  • Kurt Cobain song+ River Phoenix's Indiana Jones hairstyle and birth date trailer release + Brandon Lee's the Crow makeup

    Ravi M. JoshiRavi M. Joshi2 dager siden
  • It's one of those trailers that are just as fun to watch as any movie. Hit replay!

    Noah IsaacNoah Isaac2 dager siden
  • From twilight vampire to batman Good job on the movie Robert!

    Demi GDemi G2 dager siden
  • Well this was forgotten quickly

    Zakk LimZakk Lim2 dager siden
    • Not really lol

      Uncle JeffreyUncle JeffreyDag siden
    • No it wasn’t

      Geeky BrosGeeky Bros2 dager siden
    • Not forgotten though

      Han SoloHan Solo2 dager siden
  • Omg this movie looks like the best batman movie ever

    Owen the Lego masterOwen the Lego master2 dager siden
  • This trailer Fulfilled my expectations Darkest Batman ever

    Hardik DongreHardik Dongre2 dager siden
  • Day 184 of rewatching this trailer

    captain beastwingercaptain beastwinger2 dager siden
  • chills down my spine every time

    TrooperTrooper2 dager siden
  • That twilight reference though lol

    Kuurz RoelKuurz Roel2 dager siden
    • 1:06

      Kuurz RoelKuurz Roel2 dager siden
    • Which one

      Han SoloHan Solo2 dager siden
  • Darkest batman I have ever seen

    Tina MakwanaTina Makwana2 dager siden
  • Ah yes, my nightly watch right before bed. Goodnight The Batman 2022 trailer :)

  • The twilight vampire dude is going to be the worst batman since george clooney was batman

    I'm NeganI'm Negan2 dager siden
  • 0:09 I have a theory that's Alfred dead in Wayne Manor and Riddler is leaving a message making this whole thing personal for Bruce.

    Omar DawsonOmar Dawson2 dager siden
    • @Omar Dawson They wouldn't kill Alfred in the first film. Its not him trust me. That's the Mayor's house. Why would Batman be investigating Alfred's crime scene?

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav BaruahDag siden
    • @Abhinav Baruah Really cuz I see both of his hands and that looks like Andy Serkis who plays alfred

      Omar DawsonOmar DawsonDag siden
    • That's not Alfred, that's the Mayor of Gotham, Don Mitchell Jr. He was killed by the Riddler and his hand has been cut off. He had a ring on his hand that proved his connection to The Court of Owls.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav BaruahDag siden
  • What do batman and Jim Gordon have in common? There both black

    Andrew VegaAndrew Vega2 dager siden
  • Last of us fans here

    Nathan DrakeNathan Drake2 dager siden
  • 1:37 Me-BATMAN capital rioters-guy getting absolutely destroyed

    adrian canoadrian cano2 dager siden
  • 1:46

    ArcTitanArcTitan2 dager siden
  • Releasing in ???? Is more like it

    David FDavid F2 dager siden
    • @Ms Arman it'll change. Covid has really messed up all the schedules

      David FDavid F2 dager siden
    • 4 march 2022

      Ms ArmanMs Arman2 dager siden
    • ?0??

      Ms ArmanMs Arman2 dager siden
  • Ele vai ser o melhor batman

    silvania Rodriguessilvania Rodrigues2 dager siden
  • I'm calling it now this will be the deepest Batman film ever.

    The Man!!!The Man!!!3 dager siden
  • I really hope they don't mess it up

    Umair KhanUmair Khan3 dager siden
  • "I am Sub-Zero"

    Jack CarburoJack Carburo3 dager siden
  • 1:48 "I am the night. I... am...." 1:56

    The ReplicationThe Replication3 dager siden
  • me coming back to watch the trailer for the 1000th time “Hey God, it’s me again”

    Adam TaucherAdam Taucher3 dager siden
    • knowing we still so far from the release

      Masibulele NgumbelaMasibulele NgumbelaDag siden
  • bruh the nirvana song omg

    Michael EganMichael Egan3 dager siden
  • i can't be the only one who is excited about this movie and yet hate the way everything looks in it right? XD

    AdscoolinAdscoolin3 dager siden
  • I can't wait to see batman put people in a wheelchair for asking who he is lmao.

    JayssWrlddJayssWrldd3 dager siden
  • With headphones it gives me extra chills.

    New Light PicturesNew Light Pictures3 dager siden
  • I hope it’s not a bad Batman movie 🙏

    KFC CKFC C3 dager siden
  • 0:35 That shot of Batman's combat boots is MAJESTIC!

    Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah3 dager siden
  • 2031

    linlin3 dager siden
  • Who else has a feeling that Pattison batman is going to be very good

    Daniel OgunlolaDaniel Ogunlola3 dager siden
  • Riddler: “your addicted to this too.” Me: “how am I addicted to this?” Riddler: “You’ll see.”

    The PhilosopherThe Philosopher3 dager siden
    • @demon of the mist look's like ydk joke

      Ezekiel GamingEzekiel Gaming14 timer siden
    • It says apart

      demon of the mistdemon of the mist21 time siden

    Mark BurnsMark Burns3 dager siden
  • 기대된다!

    잉크샌즈TV잉크샌즈TV3 dager siden
  • I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lewis JohnsonLewis Johnson3 dager siden
  • I cannot believe that I just realized now that he's breaking his code, "Justice not Vengeance". This time he IS vengeance.

    Kit FeltonKit Felton3 dager siden
    • This movie gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  • This trailer is too good. The song fits so perfectly with the tone of this movie. Dammit, I can't wait. Also, I don't think we've ever seen Bruce Wayne without the cowl like how he's shown at 2:13, so cool!

    T.D RoshanT.D Roshan3 dager siden
  • The trailer alone is better than Affleck's whole fatman and jokerman career

    Leo foreverLeo forever3 dager siden
  • Just here because of something in the way

    The BestThe Best3 dager siden
  • What if this batman isn't Robert Pattinson ? It will be the best batman movie ever

    Daniel KDaniel K3 dager siden
    • Rob's a good actor though, look at his works on Lighthouse, Tenet and Good Time

      DanialDanial3 dager siden
  • Underneath the bridge Tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become my pets And I'm living off of grass And the drippings from my ceiling It's okay to eat fish Cause they don't have any feelings Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Underneath the bridge Tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become my pets And I'm living off of grass And the drippings from the ceiling It's okay to eat fish Cause they don't have any feelings Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm Something in the way Mmm-mmm Something in the way, yeah Mmm-mmm

    Kurt CobainKurt Cobain3 dager siden
  • It could be good, it could be flop. The trailer is excellent, but until I actually watch the movie, I'm just gonna shut the f**k up :)

    IgorIgor3 dager siden
  • WE need BATMAN (-^^-) "TODAY" 4 ERADiK8 COrrUP10 !!!

    Saeed KhanSaeed Khan3 dager siden
  • The Batman and The Suicide Squad will be awesome.

    j.k. 123j.k. 1233 dager siden
  • Batfleck be like : i am THE FATMAN

    Sokratis KalaitzidisSokratis Kalaitzidis3 dager siden
  • if there would be Joaquin Phoenix's joker in this movie with R rated then that would be amazing!

    Kanan AvshalomovKanan Avshalomov3 dager siden
  • What Happened, Happened ,We live in a twilight world

    Louis The MatesLouis The Mates3 dager siden
  • 1:37 Now talk...

    Just GiseJust Gise3 dager siden
  • First time seeing this trailer and I don't get the hype?

    fedfoofyfedfoofy3 dager siden
  • Darker than ever

    Hardik DongreHardik Dongre3 dager siden